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  • Who We Are

Who We Are

At State Street Global Advisors our mission is to invest responsibly to enable economic prosperity and social progress.

As the asset management arm of State Street Corporation, we are the creator of the world’s first ETFs and an indexing pioneer. Over the past 40 years we have built a universe of index and active strategies across asset classes to help our clients, and those who rely on them, achieve their investment goals.

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By the Numbers

Our Investment Philosophy

State Street works with clients to understand their unique needs and objectives, and applies our disciplined, rigorous, research-based approach to help them meet a wide range of investment goals.

Understanding Multiple Dimensions

Creating successful investment outcomes starts with understanding the multiple dimensions of a client’s long-term objectives and liabilities.

Knowing Markets Aren’t Always Efficient

Due to behavioral biases, informational inefficiencies and limits to arbitrage, markets are not always efficient, leading to opportunities for excess returns.

Focusing on Asset Allocation

The primary driver of long-term returns is asset allocation.

Investors need efficient access to a broad universe of capital market exposure.

Focus should be on underlying risks, not asset class labels.

Achieving Capital- & Risk-Efficient Portfolios

A thoughtful and precise combination of market-, factor- and idiosyncratic-risk, along with manager skill, are key to achieving capital-, and risk-efficient portfolios.