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Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • ESG/Sustainability Overview

ESG/Sustainable Investing

In a world of change and uncertainty, we believe investors should consider all factors that have a material impact on long-term value creation including ESG/sustainability factors.

Defining Your ESG/ Sustainability Goals

Whether our clients are focused on risk management, responding to new regulations, making investments that align with their values, or seeking to enhance long-term performance, our ESG/sustainable investing capabilities can support clients in achieving their ESG/sustainability objectives and investment goals.

ESG/Sustainable Investment Strategies

To help investors meet investment needs and objectives, we offer a wide spectrum of investment strategies from which our clients may choose. Our ESG/sustainable investing solutions vary depending on the type of strategy provided to our clients, but generally fall into one of the following three broad categories:

Negative Screening

A “Negative Screen” (also known as an exclusionary screen) is a screen incorporated into the investment strategy utilized for the management of a portfolio that results in the exclusion from the portfolio of securities of issuers that fail to satisfy certain ESG/sustainability criteria.

Positive Screening

A “Positive Screen” is a screen incorporated into the investment strategy utilized for the management of a portfolio that intentionally includes securities of issuers identified as having positive ESG/sustainability characteristics (including positive characteristics of sub-components of sustainability such as environmental, climate or social characteristics) relative to the issuer’s industry or sector peers.

Third Party ESG/Sustainable Index Investment Strategies

An index is deemed to be a “Third Party ESG/Sustainable Index” if the index methodology incorporates ESG/sustainability factors or characteristics that are utilized by the third-party index provider to determine which securities and/or how much in weight are included as index constituents.

Active Strategies

With respect to management of our clients’ portfolios in active strategies, we believe ESG/sustainability factors should be considered alongside traditional investment factors when making investment decisions to develop a more complete picture of investee companies’ future financial trajectory and business risks.

Stewardship & Value

As long-term holders of capital on behalf of our clients, we believe the informed exercise of voting rights, coupled with value-driven engagement, is one of the most effective mechanisms of creating value for our clients. Accordingly, our stewardship program proactively identifies companies for engagement and voting in order to mitigate material risks in our portfolios that may impact long-term value creation for our clients across a range of topics, including ESG/sustainability factors.

Our ESG/ Sustainability Philosophy

Our firm’s approach to ESG/sustainability is client-driven. We are long-term shareholders on behalf of our clients. We believe in providing choice - both in the products we offer and in our investor voting choice program. We focus on what creates long-term value by promoting best practice and transparent disclosure of materials risks and opportunities across a range of topics, including sustainability factors.

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