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Q3 2022 Bond Compass

Balancing Risks in the Summer

Higher inflation and rising central bank rates will persist in the coming months but, importantly, growth has softened. Fixed income markets suggest that the more central bank tightening we see, the harder the economic landing may be. This scenario would create a volatile but more favourable backdrop for fixed income.

Bond Compass: Quick Take

Jason Simpson, Senior Fixed Income ETF Strategist, provides an overview of the key themes for fixed income investors to consider in Q3.

Fixed Income Trends

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Spreading the Net with Global Aggregate

Amid continued challenges to fixed income, one potential option is to look at broader strategies with more diversified risks.

Winds of Change: Reasons to Look at Investment Grade

We see positive signs for investment grade credit given the outlook for inflation, the peaking of rates, economic growth and yield.

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About the Bond Compass

Our most comprehensive quarterly report on fixed income flows and holdings includes analysis of investor trends across $10 trillion of assets,2 plus SPDR® fixed income ETF implementation ideas for the upcoming quarter.