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Strategies & Capabilities

Official Institutions Group Where Sovereign Investors Turn When It Matters Most

About the Official Institutions Group

Sovereign investors face immense pressure to deliver results and manage risk. We understand this pressure because we live it every day. 

As a Global Systematically Important Financial Institution (G-SIFI) and one of the world’s largest asset managers, we draw on our experience, size and global reach to address the complex challenges facing sovereign investors.

We are a dedicated team that provides advice and solutions for official institutions (OIs) around the globe, including sovereign wealth funds, central banks, supranationals and public-sector clients.

Sources: State Street Global Advisors as of December 31, 2023; Pensions and Investments Research Center, December 31, 2022; The “Central Banking Asset Manager of the Year” award recognises Asset Managers who demonstrate that they have added value in managing investment assets of central banks and other sovereign investors. The Central Banking “Asset Manager of the Year” Award is based on Risk/return and liquidity suitability, diversification, benchmarking/benchmark outperformance. Submissions should describe why an institution deserves an award through a selection of case studies describing solutions and benefits offered to its official institution clients. While geographical reach and breadth of assets coverage are important, particular attention will be made to asset managers that have met the real needs of their clients during the period under review. .

Why Sovereign Investors Choose Us

For nearly three decades, official institutions have turned to us for innovative solutions, a global perspective, reliable execution and customized training and research.

Comprehensive Investment Solutions

  • Global leader as a custodian and in financial services, FX trading and securities lending
  • Tailored investment solutions across asset classes
  • Capabilities in active, enhanced and indexed strategies

Scale, Stability and Rigor

  • Global Systematically Important Financial Institution (G-SIFI) and third-largest asset manager in terms of AUM
  • Focus on governance, risk controls, transparency and discretion
  • Fiduciary culture and “One State Street” model

Research, Training and Knowledge Transfer

  • Proprietary research into asset flows across OIs
  • Thematic reports on timely issues facing OIs
  • Multiple levels of training for OI professionals, including annual conferences and customized workshops

Innovative Solutions to Emerging Markets

  • Track record of solving complex challenges for OIs, including Hong Kong Monetary Authority, US Treasury and ECB
  • Customized solutions built on in-depth industry knowledge and research
  • Three decades of screening expertise

Research and Thought Leadership

We apply intellectual rigor and insights gained from working with clients around the world to conduct proprietary research that answers sovereign investors’ most pressing questions.

Annual Reports on OI Investment Trend

These reports analyze asset flows across sovereign investors and include trend analyses and peer group comparisons for:

  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Central banks
  • Public pension funds
  • ESG investing among OIs

Thematic Reports on Timely Issues

We identify and explore issues that are of utmost importance to sovereign investors, including: 

Knowledge Transfer and Training

In addition to global and regional events, other training opportunities we provide to our OI clients and their professionals include:
  • Local workshops at client offices
  • Annual review meetings and training sessions
  • Monthly and quarterly investment calls
  • Ad-hoc queries

Our team collaborates with sovereign investors to understand their distinct investment challenges, respond to their immediate needs, design customized client-centric solutions and help them prepare for the future. Contact us to learn more.