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Climate Bond Investing Risk and Opportunity

We believe sustainable investing involves the assessment of material environmental, social and governance opportunities or risks during the investment process and that climate change, in particular, presents one of the largest risks, but also, one of the greatest investment opportunities for bond investors.

Reduce the Carbon, Fund the Transition

Our Commitment to Sustainable

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Strategy Profiles

Imagine if you could improve your bond portfolios carbon profile, reducing climate risk while keeping risk and return characteristics broadly in place.

This is the rationale behind our Sustainable Climate Bond Strategy, which targets Paris aligned reductions in carbon emissions, fossil fuel and brown revenues exposure, and reallocates capital towards companies benefiting from low carbon technologies. The Strategy also increases exposure to green bonds and those bond issuers investing in the solutions needed to achieve net zero by 2050.

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Climate change poses a significant systemic risk within investment portfolios. However, with risk comes opportunity. The future won't wait. Start your transition today.

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