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Asset Stewardship

We utilize our Asset Stewardship program to engage with investee companies to seek long-term value and mitigate risk to our clients’ portfolios.

We use our stewardship tools to engage with investee companies on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to seek long-term value. Through engagements, proxy voting, and thought leadership, we take an outcome-oriented approach to managing ESG risks and opportunities to our investments.

Pillars of Our Program

  1. Thought Leadership: To inform and provide guidance to our investee companies on the development of ESG practices
  2. Engagement: To encourage investee companies to develop transparent, accountable, high-performing boards and businesses
  3. Proxy Voting: To incorporate our investment objectives and to align with our long-term investment horizon

Current Stewardship Priorities

Our stewardship program is anchored in three distinct pillars of ESG and their intersections. We regularly identify thematic focus areas that guide our proxy voting and engagement efforts. Within these focus areas, we elevate outcome-oriented stewardship priorities each year based on factors including client demand, stakeholder interest, market trends, and financial materiality, among others.

Our Guidance

View all of our voting guidelines and expectations.


Benjamin Colton

Global Head of Asset Stewardship

Benjamin and his colleagues are responsible for developing and implementing our global proxy voting policies and guidelines across all investment strategies and managing our proxy voting activities and issuer engagements on ESG issues. Prior to Ben’s current role, he was the Asset Stewardship’s team Head of Asia Pacific based in Tokyo, Japan.

Contact Us

For questions or any further information on our stewardship program, please email the Governance Team at State Street Global Advisors.

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