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ETF Model Portfolios

Meet the Models Investment Team

State Street ETF Model Portfolios are powered by the same team, process and infrastructure that have made us one of the world’s leading managers for pensions, sovereign wealth funds, central banks and other large institutions.1 The Investment Solutions Group (ISG) draws on four decades of asset allocation experience and is committed to delivering portfolio solutions across a range of asset classes and risk profiles.

Access Our Asset Allocation Firepower

Our model portfolios are a cost-effective way to access the expertise and resources of State Street’s ISG. This team of more than 130 people has been managing multi-asset portfolios for the world’s most sophisticated investors since 1982. With professionals in eight investment centers worldwide, ISG brings real-time, local insights to their global market perspectives.

ISG employs a multi-disciplinary approach to portfolio construction. The team’s collective experience includes serving as economists, partnering with institutional asset owners and working with the trading community.

Continuous Innovation

The strategies behind our model portfolios have been vetted by some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. But ISG doesn’t stop there. The team is dedicated to optimizing its investment process to stay at the forefront of asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk evaluation.

Blending quantitative + qualitative

ISG combines its quantitative tools with qualitative analysis to assess the investment landscape for both risks and opportunities when constructing portfolios.

Evaluating constantly

Each model is rigorously monitored to help ensure that it efficiently delivers exposures that align with its distinct investment objectives.

Pursuing opportunity

Twice each month, ISG actively evaluates more than 125 different asset classes — a robust opportunity set that gives our model portfolios more ways to help investors efficiently pursue their objectives.

Questioning biases

A “devil’s advocate” is embedded into the monthly positioning and outlook meetings. This team member is tasked with challenging assumptions to uncover potential biases within ISG’s decision-making process.

Backed by an ETF Pioneer and Global Fiduciary

As the creator of the world’s first ETFs4 and a pioneer in active asset allocation, State Street is committed to delivering this expertise to investors through efficient, transparent solutions such as model portfolios.

This commitment is backed by a global fiduciary institution:

  • The world’s 4th largest asset manager by AUM5
  • 225-year heritage as part of State Street Corporation
  • 24-hour trading capabilities

This heritage and scale equip us with the resources and stability needed to meet distinct investor needs across investment styles and market cycles.

Our Solutions

Whether you are looking to build your portfolio’s core or add a complementary exposure, State Street ETF Model Portfolios are cost-effective, transparent solutions for actively pursuing a variety of investment objectives at varying levels of risk.

Built using SPDR ETFs and ETFs from our carefully chosen partners, our model portfolios provide investment solutions across a range of goals and outcomes.