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Investment Capabilities

Sector Investing Precise Exposures and Valued Insights from the Market Leader

Return dispersion among sectors can create opportunities for investors to pursue alpha, manage risk, or capture cyclical or thematic trends. As the world’s first and largest sector ETF provider,1 State Street SPDR ETFs provide targeted, efficient strategies that investors can use to express their views with precision across the business cycle.

A Leader in Sector Investing

Since launching the world’s first suite of sector ETFs in 1998, we have been committed to using our expertise in indexing, portfolio construction and liquidity management to provide efficient tools for executing sector investing strategies. We are one of the world’s largest asset managers, giving us the resources and ability to deliver scalable sector ETF solutions for investors of all sizes.

Delivering Liquidity Across Sectors

We are committed to pursuing tight trading spreads and increasing liquidity in our sector ETFs to enhance the efficiency of these tools.

Large-Cap Benchmarks

Our sector ETFs are built using the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) and benchmarks with a large-cap bias, which contribute to the funds’ overall liquidity.

Trading Capabilities

We draw on our global trading capabilities and capital markets expertise to execute trades as efficiently as possible and work with market makers to pursue best execution for our clients.

Total Cost of Ownership

The liquidity profile of our sector ETFs can help to reduce trading costs which lowers the total cost of ownership—a key consideration in sector rotation strategies.

Explore Sector ETF Investing

Learn how investors are using sector ETFs to target opportunities created by return dispersion, manage risk through diversification, position for business cycles or express thematic market views.

Reliability Across the Business Cycle

Whether investors are looking to use a top-down, bottom-up or technical approach to portfolio construction, our sector ETFs are designed to deliver the exposures investors need to efficiently target risk and return drivers across all phases of the business cycle.

Thoughtfully Constructed

Our sector ETFs are built using the widely recognized Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) and are derived from well-known indices.

Expertly Managed

The portfolio management team works diligently to minimize tracking error across all sector investing strategies.

Continuously Evolved

We adapt our suite of sector investing strategies to reflect changes to GICS. For example, in 2018, we worked quickly to launch a communication services sector ETF given the addition of this sector to GICS.

Our Latest Thinking

We deliver differentiated ideas for how to act on opportunities created by sector return dispersion, as well as sectors’ varying correlations to the broader market and to each other.

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Our Solutions

Whether you are looking to strengthen your core through strategic sector allocations or tactically capitalise on market opportunities, our sector ETFs are designed to be efficient building blocks for expressing your views. We offer sector ETF investing solutions tracking 30 sectors across MSCI World, MSCI Europe and S&P 500 indices.