Leveraging the power of smart plan design

We understand the influence that plan design can have on saving and investing behaviors. We offer solutions designed to improve the retirement readiness of your participants.

Understanding the impact of interdependencies

Your DC plan is a dynamic ecosystem. We can help you recognize, for example, how your company match and your core menu composition may influence your participants’ typical asset allocation.

Managing against unexpected shocks

We work with clients to understand how unexpected shocks, such as a low-return environment, can influence savings rates and other plan design features.


Your Plan: An Ecosystem in Action

Each component of a defined contribution plan is a dynamic part of a larger whole, meaning that changes in one aspect may affect others in surprising ways. We help plan sponsors better understand the interrelatedness of their plan—such as the impact of menu design on participation rates and asset allocation, and the effect the savings default has on participant engagement. We can help you look at the entire ecosystem of your defined contribution plan to improve retirement readiness for participants.

Asset Allocation

Menu Design