Participant Engagement

Educating plan participants about how to achieve their retirement goals starts with actionable communications. Regardless of their age or investment savvy, participants are always eager to learn more. We understand how important it is for communication programs to evolve and present information in fresh, innovative ways such as social media and interactive tools. Our four-step approach is targeted to drive engagement and boost results.



Use images and language that connect to the population of your target.


Engage employees with fresh messages and a call to action.

Save More

Encourage your participants to prioritize the importance of saving for retirement.

Invest Wisely

Help participants make informed investment decisions. Explain investment solutions in simple, direct, participant-friendly language.

401(k) Communications During a Plan Merger

Four simple tips to help plan sponsors.

Moving the Needle

Tips for building financial wellness programs that can reduce employee stress and boost productivity.

DC Communications Strategies that Work

Make your messages stand out from the crowd.