State Street target date funds  (TDFs) apply a finer lens to asset class and index selection, utilizing twice as many asset classes as other leading managers. Our differentiated glidepath management approach strives to mitigate the risks investors face along their savings journey.

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See how the precision of our process and steadiness of our success in standard and custom TDF strategies could benefit your plans and participants.


Expertise Where and When it Matters Most

Since inception, the average State Street target date fund has outperformed 91% of our peers, while also experiencing lower volatility than 73% of the same peer group, due in large part to our  broadly diversified set of underlying asset classes.1

Beyond  deep  diversification, we express our  commitment to delivering better retirement outcomes by offering:

  • Low-cost, all index line up
  • Thoughtfully constructed, “through” glidepath
  • Securities lending capabilities, intended to enhance returns
  • An array of investment vehicles, including CITs, custom separate accounts and mutual funds

Exploring a Custom Approach

One size may not fit all. At State Street, we have worked closely with clients to perform ecosystem analyses to ascertain unique plan and participant characteristics and deliver custom TDF solutions.

By leveraging a broad range of low-cost, index-based options from our family of target date funds , State Street is able to bring a disciplined,  institutional approach to designing fully customized target date strategies.


Everything Has a Purpose

Illustrating how true diversification manages risks & benefits at each stage of savers’ lives.

Seeing Index-Based TDFs Differently

Standing out by being different; 3 ways our target date funds are beyond basic.

2018 Target Retirement Annual Review

For this year's annual review, we assess the value of including US Treasure STRIPS in our glidepath.