Focusing on real income replacement

State Street Target Retirement Funds are designed to help participants meet their goals by providing a meaningful level of real income replacement in retirement.

Addressing key risks

Target Retirement Funds can help improve participant outcomes by maintaining an appropriate asset allocation and addressing key risks participants face over time.

Offering both off-the-shelf and custom solutions

Through SSGA, plan sponsors can choose high-quality, off-the-shelf target date funds. We can also customize your target date funds to address specific participant needs or demographics.

Our Approach to Target Retirement Funds

Seeking Better Participant Outcomes

For many plan sponsors, off-the-shelf target date funds—those based on the needs of the general population—will be a strong choice for a default investment option. At SSGA, we have created what we believe is the best off-the-shelf solution for target date funds to help your participants achieve their retirement goals.

  • Nonlinear glide path helps mitigate risk: Our glidepath is designed to address the common risks participants face when investing for retirement: shortfall, inflation, market volatility and longevity.
  • Strategic forecasts offer optimized asset allocation: Combining our proprietary macroeconomic forecasts with decades of institutional portfolio management experience, we design efficient long-term asset allocations intended to address the changing risks participants face throughout their accumulation and decumulation phases.
  • Broad asset class exposure improves diversification: As a result of increased diversification, participants’ investments can benefit from reduced risk and the potential to maximize returns over time.

Managing Allocations to Address Key Risks and Objectives (CIT)