To improve retirement outcomes for participants, it’s important to consider the big picture when it comes to your investment lineup. As a plan sponsor, you need investment solutions that work within the context of your overall defined contribution plan. At SSGA, we can help you review your broader plan menu to identify potential gaps and opportunities for strengthening your investment lineup.


Improving retirement readiness

SSGA is committed to providing investment solutions with the goal of generating better participant outcomes.

Providing total portfolio solutions

We offer total portfolio solutions for participants who don’t necessarily want to make their own investment decisions.

Offering a broad choice of building blocks

For participants who prefer to build their own retirement portfolios, we provide a broad offering of core investment options.

Building solutions for your participants

We can work to customize your total portfolio solutions or core plan investments to best suit the needs of your participants.

The Participant Magazine

What you need to know about the participants who depend on your plan. This magazine is published twice per year and distributed electronically.