Our index investing expertise has been sharpened over forty years of building and managing some of the world’s most successful index funds - and we are committed to maintaining our leadership in the category, defined by our scale ($2.1 trillion indexing assets under management 1) and skill (130+ investment professionals globally).

Our investment style balances human insights with technology, which is particularly meaningful in the DC space where individual and institutional interests coincide. In managing participant outcomes and sponsor success, we work at the intersection of efficiency and innovation and endeavor to challenge the status quo by delivering value beyond fees.

Through our collective trust investments (CITs), we offer:

  • Access to a large-scale internal trading network and reduced transaction costs: $71.3M, $47.4M and $36.4M respectively in savings across a US, non-US developed and Emerging Markets case studies2
  • Ability to collect 18 basis points (bps) 3 of additional income in dividend withholding taxes relative to mutual funds
  • Entrée to securities lending, programs focused on transparency and risk management, offering 0.5 and 18 bps 4 of additional return on US equities

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1 AUM reflects approximately $32.7 billion (as of March 31, 2019), with respect to which State Street Global Advisors Funds Distributors, LLC (SSGA FD) serves as marketing agent; SSGA FD and State Street Global Advisors are affiliated.

2 Based on actual client order flow trading activity in the S&P 500® Defined Contribution Commingled Fund. Based on actual client order flow trading activity in the Thrice-Monthly EAFE ERISA Commingled Funds. For calendar years 2016–2018. It is not known whether similar results have been achieved after 2018. In-kind transfers are redemptions/contributions made via security transfers. This represents estimated average savings across all aggregate trading over the period. These estimates are based on subjective judgments and assumptions and do not reflect the effect of unforeseen economic and market factors on decision-making. There is no guarantee that a particular client transaction will experience the same level of savings. In fact, savings could differ substantially. Any savings is contingent upon other activity taking place on a given transaction day. Had other funds been selected, different results of transaction cost savings may have been achieved. All figures are in USD.

3 MSCI Index Data, published ERISA and RIC Tax Rates, as of December 31, 2018.

4 Last calendar lending returns paid to the fund in the State Street US Equities ERISA CIT strategies, as of December 31, 2018.