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Environmental, Social and Governance

Low-Carbon Equity Index Solution

State Street’s Low-Carbon Equity Index Solution uses advanced portfolio optimization techniques that are designed to achieve the most efficient trade-off between carbon reduction and tracking error, while achieving long-term returns broadly in line with the underlying index benchmark.

The Solution allows clients to customize their portfolios to align with their specific carbon goals and risk budgets. In addition to setting the level of targeted carbon emission reduction or tracking error, investors can pre-select the developed market equity benchmark that represents their chosen starting universe.

The Low-Carbon Equity Index Solution is designed to help investors make informed decisions about the trade-off between carbon reduction and tracking error — and determine their optimal positioning along what we call the Efficient Carbon Frontier.

With our Solution, we can build customized portfolios that either 1) minimize the level of tracking error for achieving the client’s targeted level of carbon reduction or 2) maximize the level of carbon reduction for the client’s targeted level of tracking error.