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Environmental, Social and Governance

Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy

Achieving Lower Carbon with Familiar Returns

We are helping investors understand, control and benefit from the quantifiable trade-offs between carbon reduction and tracking error. Most importantly, we are demonstrating that significant improvements in carbon intensity can be achieved with minimal impact to credit quality or interest-rate risk relative to corporate bond benchmarks.

The State Street Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy is a long-only investment approach that enables the creation of customized portfolios that can minimize tracking error for a targeted level of carbon reduction or maximize carbon reduction for a targeted level of tracking error.

Aligning for the Future

As investors look to align their portfolios with the transition to a low-carbon economy and minimize potential exposure to climate risk — which could arise from regulation and carbon tax — the Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy provides a straightforward, effective way to take the first step.

The State Street Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy seeks to create customized portfolios with a lower carbon footprint and similar returns to the performance of the client’s selected fixed income benchmark.

The Strategy is designed to create customized portfolios that achieve the client’s goals for carbon reduction within constraints for tracking error, credit quality, duration, interest rate exposure and other factors.

Two Customizable Features