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Fixed Income Reimagined

We develop innovative, efficient solutions that expand the possibilities of what investors can achieve with a strong core fixed income portfolio.

Fixed Income Insights

The Modern Bond Market

Why Investors Choose Us

Since 1978, we’ve been delivering highly transparent and reliable fixed income outcomes for clients.*

* Source: State Street Global Advisors as of December 31, 2023.

Our Offering

We specialize in combining active and indexed strategies to address complex client needs in a variety of market environments. This includes investment grade credit, high yield, and emerging market debt, as well as sophisticated capabilities such as liability driven investments and the integration of ESG principles within fixed income investing

Delivering Indexing Benefits

Indexed Fixed Income at State Street Global Advisors Our indexed fixed income franchise has been a particular highlight for State Street Global Advisors. And that has remained the case despite considerably less favourable market conditions in 2022.

Systematic Active

Systematically managed portfolios aim to outperform a market benchmark index by constantly looking for opportunities to reallocate into attractive securities (or sectors) and away from securities deemed unattractive according to quantitative signals.

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Fixed Income ESG

Combining Performance & Responsible Investing ESG is increasingly at the top of institutional investors' agendas and the focus is no longer solely on equity. We outline the approaches investors can take to integrate ESG into fixed income investments, what the challenges are, and how State Street Global Advisors can help.

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Climate Bond Investing Climate poses one of the greatest risks to today's bond investors. It's also one of the greatest opportunities.

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EM Debt

Discover the EMD Advantage We're a global leader in Emerging Market Debt investing and a pioneer in indexed EMD. Discover what cost-effective index investing in a yield-leading asset class could do for your portfolio.

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