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Multi-Asset Solutions Active listening, inventive thinking: Tackling the toughest investment challenges.

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We provide a wide range of investment solutions, from implementing short-term, tactical exposures to fully discretionary mandates (also known as “Outsourced CIO”). Here are some of our key multi-asset offerings:

Capabilities Strategies Objectives
Strategic Asset Allocation Strategic Portfolio Management and rebalancing Balances long term risk objectives
  Target Date Help Individuals reach retirement goals with disciplined glide paths
  Real assets Provide an Inflation hedge
Tactical Asset Allocation Benchmark-relative, active asset allocation Provide an additional, uncorrelated source of alpha
  Active ETFs, model portfolios, advisory  
  Equity and Fixed income sector rotation Generate alpha tilting among sectors
  Total Portfolio Solutions Compressive multi-assets management targeted to strategic goals
  Flexible asset allocation Provide an absolute return over a market cycle
Exposure Management Cash overlay Reduce cash drag while minimizing transaction costs
  Asset class and factor completion Efficiency align asset allocation to targets
  Volatility management Provide arrange of volatility - and downside - risk reducing solution

Reinventing Asset Allocation: Investment Solutions

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Learn how our asset allocation team aims to take unintendedbiases out of its investment process.

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