Strategies & Capabilities

Active Quantitative Equity (AQE) Strategies

Our capabilities address a wide range of risk and return objectives. They fall into three major categories.

Enhanced Strategies

Benchmark-aware strategies with incremental alpha potential and tight active risk control.

Investors who wish to avoid meaningful deviation from the benchmark can use AQE Enhanced strategies to limit active risk yet still leave potential for alpha. These strategies can help investors get more from their core allocations, or they can serve as a complement to other, more risky satellite allocations.

Active Strategies

Benchmark-aware strategies with higher alpha potential.

Investors seeking an approach targeting higher alpha may benefit from AQE Active strategies, which seek to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle with a higher active risk.

Defensive Strategies

Benchmark-unaware strategies with alpha potential and total-portfolio risk management.

Investors seeking to maximize returns while minimizing losses may benefit from AQE Defensive strategies, which are characterized by a dual risk and return mandate. Not constrained by benchmark indexes, these strategies strive to maximize alpha potential, while managing total portfolio risk.

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78% of our Active Quantitative Equity strategies beat their benchmarks over a five-year horizon.*

To learn how to invest in AQE, contact your State Street Global Advisors relationship manager.


* As of 12/31/2018, 78 out of 100 strategies outperformed on a gross-of-fees basis over a five-year horizon. Strategies did not outperform for all periods. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.