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In this piece, we recap major market developments and analyze asset-class and factor returns for the past year. Looking forward, we discuss our views on the macro outlook, inflation, and currencies, as well as our current tactical portfolio allocation.

24 November 2020 By Daniel P Farley, Andrea Anastasio

US Election

Following the US elections, we continue to monitor the post-election political landscape, especially in the context of the incumbent refusing to accept the popular verdict and the control of the US Senate still not being a foregone conclusion.

18 November 2020 By Elliot Hentov

This in-depth research paper provides an overview of current polling sentiment in the US, along with a historical look at how markets behave during election cycles. The authors also lay out the key policy areas and themes for the upcoming US presidential election, and the implications for investors. The paper concludes with potential election scenarios and implementation ideas.

10 September 2020


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