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Climate Risk Strategies

We believe climate change is one of the biggest risks in investment portfolios today. These risks impact almost all segments and industries – not just the obvious polluters. However, with climate risk comes tremendous investment opportunity as the economy reworks against the impact of climate change. 

Our Solutions

We’ve developed a range of performance-targeted solutions to help address climate risk and position your portfolio for the transition to the coming low-carbon economy.

Sustainable Climate Strategy
This breakthrough strategy offers global equity exposure, while targeting climate change. It achieves results through a powerful mix of mitigation of current impacts and adaptation to future climate risks.

Improving portfolios for the present and positioning for the future.

Learn more about our Sustainable Climate Strategy.

Low-Carbon Equity Index Solution
Fully customizable equity exposure which allows clients to select their preferred carbon-reduction objective or targeted tracking error.

Learn more about our Low-Carbon Equity Index Solution.

Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy
This strategy offers fully customizable corporate bond exposure with a client-selected carbon reduction target range.

Minimizes tracking error and maintains benchmark characteristics.

Learn more about our Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy.

Delivering Investment Solutions for a Low-Carbon World

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Climate-Specific Reporting

Our climate reporting solutions are designed to help clients understand how their strategies perform against investment objectives, including climate focused objectives. The reports also help clients meet regulatory obligations, as well as their reporting obligations to beneficiaries, trustees, and other stakeholders.

UN PRI 2020 Leaders’ Group

Proud to be among the 20 asset managers named to the 2020 Leaders' Group for climate reporting.

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