Summer Reading

Adel Daghmouri

Senior Portfolio Manager

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate ― Discoveries from a Secret World
Peter Wohlleben (author) and Jane Billinghurst (translator)

“This book opens up the fascinating secret world of trees. Like human families, when tree children live near their parents, tree families can support and protect each other as they grow. Isolated trees, on the other hand, struggle to survive. Many lessons can be drawn from these and other new discoveries about how trees communicate, adapt and thrive.”

Michael Lin

Portfolio Specialist

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
Yuval Noah Harari

“This thought-provoking book is not meant to be a form of prophesy, but rather an exploration of what is possible. It is a profoundly enlightening work, packing in an enormous amount of knowledge and original thinking. Harari explores many different aspects of society to consider the future of humankind, based on millions of years of historical evidence and current trends in science, technology, and philosophy. There’s a lot to take away — including topics such as the treatment of animals, social inequality, the potential dominance of algorithms — as Harari explores the projects and potential of humankind, from overcoming death to creating new forms of life.”

Aled Reeves

Portfolio Manager

Blood River: A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart
Tim Butcher

“The very best travel writing transports you to another world and makes you feel part of the adventure. In this book, Tim Butcher recreates the expedition of H.M. Stanley along the Congo River — no easy feat, even today. Butcher’s journey reveals a fascinating history of this brutally harsh part of the world.”


**BONUS REC from Adel Daghmouri**

The Snack Thief (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery)
Andrea Camilleri (author) and Stephen Sartarelli (translator)

“This book — or any book from this light, funny, sun-drenched mystery series — is a perfect summer (or downtime) read.”

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