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Your Guide to the 2023 GICS Changes

S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI Inc. announced changes to the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS) structure that are scheduled to go into effect in March 2023 and will involve reclassifying firms across five GICS sectors.

While these changes are not as significant as the 2016 and 2018 GICS changes that created new sectors, they will trigger industry-level changes beneath the surface, as industries are being both eliminated and created.

Video: GICS Changes are Coming

Watch a short discussion between Rebecca Chesworth, Senior Equity ETF Strategist, SPDR ETFs and Garrett Glawe, Head of U.S. Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices on what is changing for the S&P 500 sectors, why the changes are needed and what it means for investors.

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