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Fixed Income ESG Explained

SPDR offers a range of fixed income ESG UCITS ETFs that provide investors with access to corporate debt, both investment grade and high yield across the maturity curve. These ETFs follow indices incorporating the SASB materiality map and seek to maximise the ESG score via a positive screening and optimisation approach based on unique R-Factor™ scores from State Street Global Advisors. To learn more, we invite you to explore the resources linked below.

Fixed Income ESG Overview

This brochure offers insights into how investors can use SASB exposures in their portfolios, how the indices are constructed, and provides an analysis of how the SASB exposures differ from their parent benchmarks.

Listen: Fixed Income Experts Explain How the SASB Indices Function

Jason Simpson, Senior Fixed Income ETF Strategist and Lucy Brown, Fixed Income Specialist explain how the SASB indices are constructed and look at how the exclusions process works. They also offer use cases for these types of fixed income ESG exposures.

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