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Gold for the Long Run: A Strategic Investment

Gold has persisted across centuries as a financial instrument. Its value is rooted in its rarity, offering investors a natural protection that financial assets can’t match. Applying a long-term view of gold highlights its utility as a potential store of value, risk management tool, and appreciating asset.

Gold is one of the oldest financial instruments, dating back thousands of years — and its prospect as a strategic investment remain strong. Gold offers several unique investment characteristics that may help its role in portfolios gain greater prominence in the years ahead. These are centered around gold’s potential portfolio utility in wealth preservation, risk management, and capital appreciation.
While gold is often positioned as a shorter-term investment, investors stand to benefit if they consider gold in the context of its storied history, the secular trends currently supporting its outlook, and the portfolio benefits it may offer over long time horizons.
Trends emerging over the next decade paint a picture of low real yields, rising debt burdens, and shifting demographics. Against this backdrop, gold may continue to shine in the years to come.
Our detailed analysis covers:
  • Portfolio strategy and gold’s long-term utility
  • Secular trends affecting gold over the next decade
  • A brief history of gold as an investment