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Monthly Market Perspectives

Uncertain Journey Ahead

EMEA Head of Investment Strategy & Research

Altaf Kassam discusses the dynamic macroeconomic and markets events that have unfolded in recent months and explores the relevant question now is what comes next?

Featured Insight

Midyear 2023 Global Market Outlook: Preparing for a Path Less Certain

Heightened liquidity risk and softening growth prospects demand vigilance from investors. Persistent uncertainty and recession risks warrant cautious portfolio positioning.

Chart of the Month

Yield-Per-Unit-Duration Spikes for Short-Dated Corporates

Even if the Fed is closer to the end of this current hike cycle, its actions so far have created above-average income opportunities within short duration exposures – the most sensitive to Fed policy.

Recovery in EMD Hard Currency Inflows

Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P. as of 4/5/2023. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. US 1-3 Year Corp = Bloomberg US 1-3 Year Corporate Bond Index; US 5-10 Year Corp = Bloomberg US 5-10 Year Corporate Bond Index; US 10+ Corp = Bloomberg US 10+ Year Corporate Bond Index; Broad US Corp = Bloomberg US Corporate Bond Index; US Agg = Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index.

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