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Global Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing Karen Wong shares the three key takeaways from the survey.

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Targets Are Coming

Desire to drive real change and the potential for investment outperformance is accelerating carbon target-setting across the globe.

of investors will implement decarbonization targets within 3 years.


Already 20% of the most sophisticated investors have set formal targets and momentum is clearly building for those yet to do so. Over 70% of European and APAC investors, and 61% of North American investors intend to set decarbonization targets within the next three years.

Source: State Street Global Advisors. Q What are the main drivers for your institution to factor climate issues into investment decisions and/or work towards portfolio?

A Major Change in Sentiment

Newly prominent – ahead of investment opportunity and risk management – investors told us that a desire to drive real change was a key factor in their decision-making.

Benchmarks, Barriers and Bold Leaps

Successful implementation may mean taking bold leaps to overcome barriers such as benchmark and data issues.

Source: State Street Global Advisors. Q: What is your preferred approach to addressing the effects of climate-focused investing on tracking error versus your benchmarks in your index- based equity and fixed income portfolios?

A Move from Standard Index Benchmarks

Portfolio decarbonization highlights the need for bold action to either broaden tracking error allowances or move to more appropriate carbon or climate-focused benchmarks.

Many Pathways to Paris

Engagement, asset stewardship and robust climate criteria & credentials are key strategies leading the way to success.

Source: State Street Global Advisors. Q: How important will each of the following strategies be in your institution’s efforts to address climate issues and/or decarbonize its equity and fixed income portfolios over the next three years?

The Importance of Engagement

Investors view engagement and more robust criteria for asset managers as the most important strategy to address climate issues over the next three years.

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