Disruptors in Cash Masterclass series

Listen to our latest Masterclass series in partnership with Treasury Today Group1. This Masterclass series will include topics that are considered to be the biggest disruptors in the cash asset class.

Session 1
Cash Alternatives with Will Goldthwait

This discussion features cash alternatives and your options, strategies you can use and how best to lever cash performance.

Session 2
Integrating ESG into Cash Portfolios with Karyn Corridan

In this session you can find out how State Street Global Advisors incorporates ESG into cash strategies.

Session 3
The Future of US and European Prime Funds Strategies with Will Goldthwait, Sean Lussier, Pia McCusker and Kim Hochfeld
In this session the events of 2020 and the potential for further reform on the US and European registered funds are discussed.

Session 4
Impacts of Technology on Cash with Swen Werner, Nicole Olson, Beralda Kokoshi and Ekene Uzoma
Join our hosts who will give an overview of the key concepts of blockchain, explain how digital assets could impact the future of markets and provide an overview of key initiatives underway.