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For more than three decades, the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) has developed asset class-spanning products and services aimed at realizing our clients’ diverse goals. Today, we serve clients around the world, with more than $234 billion in assets under management and under advisory/consulting.*

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Multi-Asset: Back in Time

Recent progress in the US and China trade negotiations provides signs of potential de-escalation in the trade war, with European markets perhaps being a surprising benefactor.

Long-Term Asset Class Forecasts

Find out where our team sees future returns for fixed income, equities, and alternative investments.

Our Approach

There are three guiding principles that underpin the investment philosophy:

  1. Asset returns vary depending on market environment Our approach is to identify and respond to favourable and unfavourable market environments
  2. Total portfolio risk is critical for outcome-orientated investors We attempt to sit out the most extreme periods of market volatility by significantly reducing equity exposure and make prompt, meaningful asset allocation changes
  3. Flexible Asset Allocation We adopt a framework with wide asset allocation ranges as this has the greatest impact to portfolio outcomes

Flexibly managed multi-asset funds play an important role in portfolios as the underlying investments can adapt to the prevailing market environment to better meet investor objectives.

The Multi Asset Builder Fund has been designed to maximise opportunities whilst managing risk to weather periods of volatility, with the goal of targeting a smoother return path. Investments may include Australian and international equities, fixed income and cash allocations, alternatives, such as property and futures, and a range of derivatives for currency and risk management.

Meet the Team

Dan Farley, CFA 

Chief Investment Officer, ISG

Mike Martel 

Head of Portfolio Management North America & APAC, ISG 

Benjamin Regnat 

Senior Portfolio Manager Australia

Peter Carey 

Portfolio Manager Australia

Rafiq Choudhury 

Senior Investment Strategist Australia

Our Multi-Asset Solution

State Street Multi-Asset Builder Fund

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For more than 30 years, research and innovation have been at the core of our efforts to deliver outperformance for our clients.

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* As of June 30, 2019. Total AUM of $211B excludes execution-only LDI. Derivatives-based exposure management AUM represents the notional value of exposure managed. Assets under advisory/consulting of $23B includes mandates for which the firm provides advisory or consulting services supporting an investment management process that does not include the responsibility to arrange or effect the purchase or sale of securities and/or funds.