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Active Quantitative Equity (AQE)

Human led, research tested: Only our best investment ideas survive the rigor of our analysis.

Our Latest Thinking

Global Equity: Why We’re Going Positive on Semiconductor Manufacturers in Emerging Markets

Semiconductor manufacturers continue to be undervalued, even as earnings fundamentals improved over the third quarter.

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Australian Equities: Smaller Companies Disappoint in a Rising Market 

The underperformance of smaller companies over the last 12 months may seem surprising. Don’t smaller companies usually outperform in up markets?

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Podcast: How Investors Can Balance Equity Market Upside & Downside Participation

Bruce Apted, Vice President and Head of Active Quantitative Equity (AQE) Portfolio Management in Australia and Adhi Mallik, Vice President and Portfolio Strategist for AQE at State Street Global Advisors, discuss their research on upside and downside capture in equity investing through the lens of what we call an “80/60” strategy, and how these insights are implemented for clients through State Street’s unique approach to defensive equities.

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Our Approach

Investors today are focused not just on the return potential of their portfolios, but also on the potential for excess risk and cost, so we have designed active equity solutions that aim to put investors’ primary objectives at the centre of portfolio construction. 

Our Active Equity solutions utilise a systematic stock selection process, incorporating a range of security evaluation measures, to select a portfolio of securities that is expected to produce superior risk adjusted returns compared with the cap-weighted index.

Managing Currency in Global Portfolios

To Hedge or Not to Hedge?

Investing in a global fund with Australian dollars can seem daunting given the fluctuations in value against other currencies. We manage currency risk using SSGA’s Dynamic Strategic Hedging programme (“DSH”). Rather than choosing the Fund to be unhedged or fully hedged, we adjust the hedge ratio for each currency in the portfolio according to our medium to long-term assessment of that currency’s economic value relative to the Australian dollar.

Searching The World For Alpha

How does the AQE team convert their investment intuitions into an insight worthy of a place in their stock-selection model?

Meet the Team

Olivia Engel

Chief Investment Officer, Global AQE

Toby Warburton, CFA, Ph.D.

Co-Head of Portfolio Management, Active Quantitative Equity


Chee Ooi

Senior Portfolio Manager, Active Quantitative Equity

Bruce Apted

Head of Portfolio Management – Australia, Active Quantitative Equity

Our Active Equity Solutions

State Street Australian Equity Fund

State Street Global Equity Fund

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