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Webinar - The RBA Trilemma: Rates, Growth and Inflation

Head of Australian Cash and Bonds
Credit Analyst

A World Rebounding from the Dysfunction of 2020… and the Implications for Bonds. 

Whilst inflation in Australia isn't anticipated to occur overnight, expectations are starting to shift. After the highest levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus ever experienced, the Australian economy is rapidly recovering with the property and banking sector being key beneficiaries.

Simon Mullumby, Head of Australian Cash & Bonds and Attilio J. Qualtieri, Senior Bank Credit Analyst examine the question: Is the economy getting too hot, too cold or is it just right?

We’ll also discuss:

  • The market signals to help identify domestic inflation
  • Lessons from offshore rates markets and policy makers
  • Interest rate expectations over the medium-term
  • The outlook for credit and
  • Considerations for bond portfolios when seeking income, diversification and managing inflation.

We are pleased to offer CPD points to those who view the webinar.

This presentation is suitable for investment professionals only.