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Webinar: Banks Will Act More As A Cushion Than A Cause In The Next Cycle

Whilst credit fundamentals remain sound market, consensus is that we are now in the later stages of the business cycle. When considering this and investor objectives around preservation of capital and liquidity we examine how well equipped the global banking sector is today to deal with a potential liquidity event. We’ll also share our views on:

  • What has changed since the GFC? Where has the debt gone?
  • How the Australian banks are positioned in a global context
  • Current sources of global risk/vulnerability
  • How Floating Rate notes can provide an attractive alternative as credit conditions tighten.

Please join Attilio (AJ) Qualtieri, Senior Analyst, Global Credit Researcher Team, and Simon Mullumby, Senior Portfolio Manager, Cash & Fixed Income, as they present this webinar and provide an update on the State Street Floating Rate Fund.

This presentation is suitable for investment professionals only.