Towards an ESG Advisory Framework : An Interview with Andrew Marchant, CIO – Minchin Moore

As client interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing continues to grow and become more nuanced, the terrain between helping clients meet their financial objectives whilst also understanding their personal values is becoming clearer.

Minchin Moore is an independent advice practice that prides itself on a growth mindset, the highest levels of professionalism and the ability to evolve rapidly.

In the following interview we speak with Minchin Moore’s CIO, Andrew Marchant as he shares some perspectives about Minchin Moore’s ESG journey including their philosophy, how it has evolved and become integrated into the firm’s overall advisory framework.

A: Our journey at Minchin Moore has been driven by our clients. It started three and a half years ago.

As with any community, our clients include people who are pushing the boundaries. These people are demanding more. They want to do things differently. We have a couple of families who are very progressive about how they wanted to reflect their values in their investment portfolios. That presented us with the challenge to develop something that met their needs. So we built an ESG framework and then we started to apply it to other clients.

Over the past three years, as we’ve learned more, we’ve refined our ESG approach. We’ve received feedback from other clients and we sought to further enhance the framework in response. I think it will continue to evolve further. It will be driven by our clients, what they're demanding, and also the investment landscape to implement an ESG approach that's meaningful.

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