Sustainability Webinar Series

Progress Toward Greater Sustainable Financial Market Efficiency and Integrity

State Street Global Advisors collaborated with the Asian Development Bank, a leading multilateral development bank in Asia-Pacific, on a webinar series on sustainable financial markets in November 2021.

The event saw the presence of financial sector specialists as well as leading ESG experts, policy makers and regulators who discussed the opportunities available for economies to build financial markets that are sustainable and efficient and avoid potential pitfalls during the process by building on lessons from other parts of the world.

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Sustainability and Financial Markets

Post COP26, there is considerable interest and commitment from the private sector and financial institutions toward climate finance. Certainly, this reflects the soaring demand from investors for green assets. But there is also considerable uncertainty regarding the greenness of such assets. What should investors look out for in this context? Check out what the experts from State Street Global Advisors have to say to investors.

Webinar Replay