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Taking Action on Climate Change Investing

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To help investors build more climate-resilient portfolios, our team is designing the next generation of climate change solutions.

Transform Your Equity Portfolio

Climate change poses a significant systemic risk within investment portfolios. However, as the global economy is weaned off fossil fuels and the “green” economy expands, significant investment opportunities will likely surface. With the right approach, investors can capitalise on these opportunities as the world transitions to a low-carbon future. 

The State Street Climate ESG International Equity Fund (the Fund) offers a diversified global equity exposure, built around a climate change theme. At the same time, the Fund seeks increased exposure to companies that score well on our Responsibility Factor (R-Factor™), and screens out companies with ESG risk and reputational issues.

The future won’t wait. Start your transition today.

Climate Targets

Fund Characteristics

Designed for Australian investors, the Fund is characterised by the following:

Mitigation and Adaptation

Mitigation - aims to reduce exposure to the flow of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and increase exposure to the “green” economy.

Adaptation - increases exposure to companies that are better prepared for the possible physical, economic and regulatory impacts of climate change, including GHG-reduction targets and transition plans.

Diversified Investment

Provides investors with a cost efficient way of gaining diversified exposure to international stock markets.

Exclusionary Screening

ESG Scoring

Seeks increased exposure to companies with strong ESG ratings using State Street’s ESG scoring methodology (R-Factor™).

Delivering a Risk-Adjusted Return

Seeks to achieve the most efficient trade-off between climate objectives, R-Factor™ improvement, tracking error and diversification, while achieving long-term returns broadly in line with the MSCI World ex-Australia Index.

How to Access

The Fund is available directly or through a number of platforms. 2


  • AMP North
  • BT
  • Hub24 (inc Rhythm)
  • Insignia (inc Expand, Grow, Voyage, MLC)
  • Macquarie Wrap
  • NetWealth
  • Wealth02


  • Zenith* Recommended (November 2022)
  • Lonsec** Recommended (March 2023)
  • Morningstar Rated

Constructing an ESG Investment Framework

With shifting consumer expectations and regulation, ESG and climate portfolios are shifting from being an outlier to the norm. But with so many shades of "green", the process of building ESG and Climate portfolios can be confronting. 

We have created a practical framework to guide advisers in developing and implementing an ESG and climate investment philosophy and approach.

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