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Practitioner’s perspective, precise implementation: Understanding and addressing complex investment challenges is our expertise.

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Direct Access to Investment Professionals

We’ve designed our team structure to create a direct line of communication between you and your investment professionals. Each client team is headed by two seasoned investment professionals:

Client Executive

Serves as your primary day-to-day contact and ensures that your specific goals and objectives are at the center of all decisions made throughout our investment governance model.

Investment Strategist 

Works closely with you to design and update a strategic asset allocation and de-risking framework that is flexible, prudent, and effective.

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Our Latest Thinking

Informing Defined-Benefit Pension Plans’ Decision to Re-risk

Adopters of a glide path approach have generally been in a one-way, de-risking mindset. Recent market events and their adverse impact to plan funded status have shifted conversations towards re-risking. Plan sponsors who are considering re-risking should bear in mind several key considerations and practical approaches to meeting investment policy objectives.

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Transparency, Communication, and Agility: Response to the COVID-19 Crisis as Fiduciary Partners

The COVID-19 pandemic and widespread lockdowns curtailing social and economic activity have led to a depression-magnitude slowdown. Equity markets plummeted and then rallied; volatility remains heightened. Interest rates reached historic lows. The speed and scale of the first-quarter dislocation across asset classes was unprecedented. This is a perfect storm for defined benefit (DB) pension plans.

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Active Management – The Landscape

Active approaches once dominated investment management. Over the past decade, we've seen massive growth in index asset flows across a range of asset classes and regions. The Manager Research team explores this trend in their latest research paper.

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