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Multi-Asset Solutions Active listening, inventive thinking: Tackling the toughest investment challenges.

For more than three decades, the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) has developed asset class-spanning products and services aimed at realizing our clients’ diverse goals. Today, we serve clients around the world, with more than $237.50 billion in assets under management and under advisory/consulting, as of 31 March 2021.*

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Dan Farley, CFA 

Chief Investment Officer, ISG

Mike Martel 

Head of Portfolio Management North America & APAC, ISG 

Benjamin Regnat 

Head of ISG/Currency, APAC ex Japan

Peter Carey 

Portfolio Manager Australia

Rafiq Choudhury 

Head of Investment Strategy & Research, Australia

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For more than 30 years, research and innovation have been at the core of our efforts to deliver outperformance for our clients.

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