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Strategies & Capabilities

Fixed Income Objective Thinking Yields Innovative Solutions

Our conservative management approach aims to preserve and protect your investment, and is reinforced by State Street Global Advisors’ dedicated credit research team, one of the largest and most experienced in the industry.

Our Expertise

As one of the world’s dominant players in the global bond, cash and repurchase agreement markets, we have unique insights into market liquidity and positioning across fixed income asset classes. As markets restructure, and liquidity is increasingly challenged:

  • Our portfolio managers have deep visibility into liquidity trends, helping them to build more robust portfolios 
  • We use the strength and scale of our relationships with trading counterparties to continuously help improve access to liquidity.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on two objectives that guide our active portfolio management approach: 

Preservation of Principal

 We create a diversified portfolio that is of high credit quality and low duration with the aim of capital preservation.


We construct a portfolio that invests in the most liquid Floating Rate Notes issued in Australia. We access primary and secondary markets to accommodate cash flows and provide daily liquidity.

We believe these two fundamentals work together to provide an attractive enhanced cash return. The investment process is underpinned by our experienced global credit research team who use a broad range of tools to conduct fundamental credit research.

The Australia-based portfolio managers are responsible for the investment strategy and portfolio construction. The portfolio managers make relative value trading decisions and evaluate the size of investments relative to market liquidity to minimise market impact. 

Meet the Team

Bio Image of Simon Mullumby

Simon Mullumby, CFA

Head of Australian Cash and Bonds

Bio Image of Brett Purkiss

Brett Purkiss

Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Attilio J Qualtieri

Attilio J Qualtieri

Credit Analyst

Our Latest Thinking

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