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Mastering Asset Allocation Strategies Insights Gained from SPDR Portfolio Consulting

  • The SPDR Portfolio Consulting Service has conducted deep-dive portfolio analysis for clients over the past three years. During this time, we have noticed three recurring issues that investors encounter: having a false sense of diversification, dealing with the limits of expectations and history, and balancing multiple objectives and constraints.
  • Download our latest whitepaper to learn how these issues manifest in common practice and learn what steps investors can take to improve their asset allocation strategies. 
4 min read
Head of Quantitative Research and Analysis, SPDR ETF Model Portfolio Solutions, EMEA & APAC
Senior Quantitative Research Analyst, ETF Model Portfolio Solutions at SPDR EMEA & APAC
Quantitative Research Analyst

Main Findings

The main findings in this whitepaper can be summarised as follows:


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