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SPY: SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust Invest in the US Economy With America’s Flagship Benchmark

About SPY

The SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust (SPY) closely tracks America’s flagship benchmark the S&P 500 Index, which is designed to measure the performance of the US economy through changes in the aggregate value of 500 stocks representing all major industries. 


Why SPY ?

Three reasons to diversify your portfolio into the US market:

Why ETFs?

ETFs may be an attractive holding because they offer:

  • Diversification ETFs usually track an index, so investors can get a basket of holdings in one trade
  • Low cost ETFs generally have lower fees than managed funds
  • Liquidity ETFs trade daily on exchange, and have multiple layers of liquidity through the unique creation/redemption mechanism, enabling investors to trade whenever the market is open
  • Transparency Investors can see the exact holdings in an ETF on a daily basis
  • Tax Efficiency ETFs are generally more tax efficient than other investment vehicles due to the ability to transfer securities in and out of the portfolio in the most tax-efficient manner

Backed by an ETF and Indexing Leader

Our continued innovation in ETFs is driven by our commitment to delivering low-cost, efficient solutions for investors and our more than 40 years of indexing experience.