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Navigating Changing Global Markets At A Flip of the Coin

Currency speculation is a fickle game, more akin to a casino room than the trading room. However, currency fluctuations are no longer the reserve of forex traders; today, all investors are feeling the impact of currency shocks a world away.

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Investing in international equities gives you access to a larger and more varied investment universe, but it also exposes investors to currency risk. Learn how to mitigate, and benefit from, currency risk.

Impact of Currency

Currency movements can be a major driver of returns across asset classes. This is especially true in a low-return
environment where currency swings can overwhelm the returns of the underlying

Hedging selected currency exposures allows investors to focus on the return drivers that they want to own
and reduce the number of variables affecting portfolio performance.

Hedging Your Bets

Whatever your views on currency movements, use SPDR ETFs to express them.



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