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Investment Capabilities

Light on Carbon. Globally Diverse Exposure.


As the world steps up to combat global warming, investors have an opportunity to decarbonise their portfolios while keeping broad market exposures. The SPDR Carbon Control ETFs are an efficient and effective way to take action.

SPDR Carbon Control ETFs

Designed to greatly reduce the average carbon intensity and to exclude companies that fail to pass ESG-focused screens.

Why SPDR Carbon Control ETFs?


Low-cost access to a range of companies

Less Carbon

Utilising carbon data from a leading provider, S&P Global Trucost, to greatly reduce average carbon intensity

ESG Screened

Screens out companies that derive significant revenue from objectionable practices, industries or product lines, as well as those identified as ESG laggards

Australian Domiciled

Registered and regulated in Australia (US Tax Forms, such as a W-8BEN Form, are not required from investors)

A Booming Field

The trend is undeniable – climate investing is more than a theme, it’s becoming part of the investment landscape.

Key highlights

ESG has long been central to State Street Global Advisors’ mission — we invest responsibly to enable economic prosperity and social progress.