Investment Ideas

A Core Multi-Asset Portfolio Solution

Long-term results depend on how you allocate assets in the core. That’s because the core is the largest part of a portfolio. Simply put, it all starts with asset allocation.

Jasper Rieter, Commodities, Creation & Redemption Process, ETF

Leave the asset allocation to us! With institutional-quality ETF model portfolio solutions, you can efficiently provide core strategies for your clients. 

Focus on the Foundation

The portfolio allocation process typically begins with determining the core. It provides a stable foundation to pursue specific investment goals—from managing risk and generating income to growing capital through diversification.

But not all model portfolios are created equally. Embracing the right model portfolio can improve your operational efficiency and ability to respond to  client’s needs. 

The best core portfolios offer:

  • Access A range of institutional-quality, diversified ETF model portfolios.
  • Open Architecture Diversification should be beyond asset class to include multiple investment styles and managers, allowing clients to benefit from the ideas of independent investment teams.
  • Transparency Model portfolios bring the reassurance of real-time visibility to portfolio holdings.
  • Cost-effective Access best-in-class model portfolios, with a simple fee structure and ongoing asset allocation at no additional cost.

Insights and Research

Shift to Managed Accounts Accelerates: Investment Trends 2021 Managed Accounts Report

Partnering with Investment Trends, we’ve gathered data and insights on how financial planners are using managed accounts, now and into the future.1

Our latest research explores:

  • The continued rise of managed accounts, with over 40% of Australian Financial Planners using these investment structures. 
  • The impact of the market volatility induced by COVID-19. How did managed accounts support planners and investors in this period of extreme disruption?
  • The reason why planners who use managed accounts believe it is easier to demonstrate client best interest duty through these solutions when compared to managed funds or direct shares
  • The impact to client value proposition, specifically how managed accounts shifted planners value proposition to allow more time for discussing client goals and education
  • The reasons why financial planners are recommending managed accounts, including one third of planners acknowledge they are a core portfolio holding.