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Press Release

State Street Cuts Fees on 6 SPDR ETFs, Including its Flagship ETF and Smart Beta Range

  • Fee reduction on 67% of its SPDR Australia AUM
  • Investors can now build a strong core for even less

1 November 2023

SYDNEY, 1 November 2023: – State Street Global Advisors, the asset management business of State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), today announced substantial management cost reductions on six of its Australian-based SPDR® exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Effective November 1, 2023, the management costs of the following six ETFs have been lowered as follows:

Ticker         Name Management Costs (% p.a.)
 Previous  New
Australian Equities ETFs
STW SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 Fund 0.13 0.05
E200 SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 ESG Fund 0.13 0.05
SYI SPDR® MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield Fund 0.35 0.20
International Equities ETFs
WDIV SPDR® S&P® Global Dividend Fund 0.50 0.35
QMIX SPDR® MSCI World Quality Mix Fund 0.40 0.18
Fixed Income ETFs
GOVT SPDR® S&P®/ASX Australian Government Bond Fund 0.22 0.10

“We are excited to be able to offer investors some of the most cost-effective ETF offerings in their respective peer groups,” said Kathleen Gallagher, Head of SPDR ETFs Australia at State Street Global Advisors. 

“These ETFs include a broad range of asset classes and investment styles which help investors build resilient and diversified portfolios, while also limiting the impact fees can have on long term performance.” 

State Street Global Advisors has 17 ETFs available on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and last year made separate price reductions on four of its other ETFs as part of its regular review of its range.

Included in today’s announcement is State Streets’ flagship Australian ETF, the SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 Fund (STW). This ETF will have its fee cut by more than 60%, from 13 to 5 basis points (bps). The fund has $4.6 billion in assets under management (AUM) making it the largest ASX 200 ETF in Australia.1

State Street Global Advisors has also reduced the fees on its smart beta range to make its two dividend ETFs (SYI and WDIV) and its multi factor ETF (QMIX) some of the lowest cost among its peers.  

“These fee changes demonstrate our commitment to the democratisation of investing by delivering cost effective institutional quality investment solutions to investors” Ms Gallagher said. 

“For investors, these changes now mean they could now pay as little as $5 per annum in management costs  on an account balance of $10,000  for Australian equities,$10 per annum for Australian government fixed income and as little as $18 for factor based investing in international equities”. 

“Additionally, investors can now access the State Street ETF Model Portfolios, packaged diversified investments solutions that invest in a number of asset classes, at an average weighted cost as low as 14bps.2

Ms Gallagher said that while today’s announcement was exciting, there were other components that investors should consider when selecting ETFs. 

“Educating investors and advisers on what to consider when choosing an ETF, such as a provider’s track record, the total cost of ownership and what’s under the hood, remain a key priority for State Street Global Advisors,” she said.

“Today’s announcement makes investing in ETFs even more affordable, especially for newer investors who are just getting started along with those using ETFs to build a core portfolio. As the core is typically the largest part of a portfolio, it is important to use cost-effective solutions over the long term”.

“Research has long shown that asset allocation decisions explain more than 90% of the variance in portfolio returns.3

“Simply put, it all starts with asset allocation. And today’s uncertainty makes building a cost-effective diversified core more important than ever, as costs accumulate over time, eroding a portfolio’s total return.”

Earlier this year State Street Global Advisors marked the 30th anniversary of the first ever US-listed ETF. Launched on January 22, 1993, on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust was later listed on the ASX on October 13, 2014 (represented by CHESS Depository Interests), providing Australian investors with access to the world’s largest economy.

State Street Global Advisors initially brought ETFs to Australia in 2001, with the launch of the SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 Fund (STW) and the SPDR® S&P®/ASX 50 Fund (SFY). 

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