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Webinar: The Case for an 80/60 Strategy as Recession Risks Rise

Global economic activity is trending down, trade wars are escalating and there is also greater potential for central banks to make policy errors. In this webinar, we’ll examine these macro risks further and discuss the power of cushioning equity risk and managing drawdowns for long term wealth accumulation. We’ll provide:

  • A case study on how a strategy that participates in 80% of an up month’s return but only 60% of a down month’s return is more likely aligned to investor objectives
  • How risk aware investing can offer income and returns with reduced volatility; and finally
  • We’ll share our views on the opportunities we see in Australian and Global equities today

Please join Bruce Apted of the Active Quantitative Equity team, who will present the case for an 80:60 strategy in the forward looking environment.

This presentation is suitable for investment professionals only.