State Street Australian Fixed Income Index Trust


AUD $0.9135

as of 05 Oct 2022

Management Costs

0.16% p.a.

Base Currency


Fund Size

AUD $310.6 mn

as of 31 Aug 2022

Buy/Sell Spread


Key Features

Key Features

  • Core Index Exposure - a potential core Australian fixed income exposure for investors.
  • Diversification - a low-cost, diversified portfolio of Australian bonds that can possibly complement an equity portfolio.
  • Access High-Quality - provides access to government, semi-government and corporate bonds issued in Australia; all rated investment grade (BBB-/Baa3 or higher).
  • Income Generation - income is distributed on a quarterly basis.1

  • Investment Objective

    Investment Objective

    The State Street Australian Fixed Income Index Trust ("the Fund") seeks an investment return that approximates as closely as practicable, before expenses, the performance of the Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index.

    About this Benchmark

    About this Benchmark

    The Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index ("the Index") represents investment grade, fixed-interest bonds issued in the Australian debt market. Underlying sectors include Commonwealth, semi-governments, credit, supranationals and non-Australian governments.

    Investment Strategy

    Investment Strategy

    In managing the Fund, our primary investment strategy is index sampling. The goal of the sampling strategy is to mirror the returns and characteristics of the Index. As a result, we purchase a selection of securities from the Index such that the portfolio matches key characteristics of the Index. Key characteristics include duration, yield, sector exposure and credit quality.

    The Fund is suitable for investors seeking income from an exposure to the Australian fixed income market.

    Fund Information as of 06 Oct 2022

    Fund Information as of 06 Oct 2022
    Benchmark Inception Date Management Costs Buy/Sell Spread Minimum Initial Investment
    Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index 31 Mar 1998 0.16% p.a. 0.04%/0.04% AUD 25,000
    Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index
    Inception Date 31 Mar 1998
    Management Costs 0.16% p.a.
    Buy/Sell Spread 0.04%/0.04%
    Minimum Initial Investment AUD 25,000
    Pricing Distribution Frequency APIR Code ARSN Code ISIN
    Daily Quarterly SST0005AU 089 590 643 AU60SST00050
    Pricing Daily
    Distribution Frequency Quarterly
    APIR Code SST0005AU
    ARSN Code 089 590 643
    ISIN AU60SST00050

    Fund Pricing as of 05 Oct 2022

    Fund Pricing as of 05 Oct 2022
    NAV Application Redemption
    AUD $0.9135 AUD $0.9138 AUD $0.9132
    NAV AUD $0.9135
    Application AUD $0.9138
    Redemption AUD $0.9132
    Most Recent NAV / NAV History

    Fund Performance

    Fund Performance

    • Fund Inception Date: 31 Mar 1998

    as of 31 Aug 2022

    As Of 1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 3 Years (p.a.) 5 Years (p.a.) Since Inception (p.a.)
    31 Mar 1998
    Fund (Gross) 31 Aug 2022 -2.53% -0.78% -11.53% -3.16% 0.98% 4.92%
    Fund (Net) 31 Aug 2022 -2.54% -0.82% -11.67% -3.31% 0.82% 4.73%
    Benchmark 31 Aug 2022 -2.54% -0.76% -11.50% -3.14% 0.97% 4.87%
    Difference (Gross) 31 Aug 2022 0.02% -0.02% -0.04% -0.02% 0.01% 0.06%
    Difference (Net) 31 Aug 2022 0.01% -0.06% -0.18% -0.17% -0.15% -0.13%

    Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance returns for periods of less than one year are not annualised. The performance figures contained herein reflect Total Returns and are provided on a net and gross of fees basis. Performance figures are calculated using end-of-month exit prices except for the 'Since Inception' return which is calculated using NAV prices for the pre 1 January 2010 period, and end-of-month exit prices thereafter, assume the reinvestment of distributions and make no allowance for tax. Net performance figures are after management and transaction costs. Gross performance figures are before management costs but after transaction costs. Index returns reflect capital gains or losses and income. Index returns are unmanaged and do not reflect the deduction of any fees or expenses. The calculation method for the value added returns may show rounding differences.

    Source: State Street Global Advisors

    Top Holdings

    Top Holdings
    Download All Holdings: Monthly

    Sector Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022

    Sector Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022
    Name Fund Benchmark
    Commonwealth Government 55.90% 56.22%
    Semi Government 27.17% 27.39%
    Supranational 4.82% 4.45%
    Government Related 4.10% 4.56%
    Corp-Industries 3.82% 2.59%
    Corp-Finance 2.21% 3.33%
    Other 1.29% 0.72%
    Corp-Util 0.69% 0.73%

    Credit Quality Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022

    Credit Quality Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022
    Credit Quality Fund Benchmark
    Aaa 71.74% 72.00%
    Aa 22.47% 22.54%
    A 2.50% 2.73%
    Baa 3.29% 2.73%

    Maturity Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022

    Maturity Allocationas of 31 Aug 2022
    Maturity Fund Benchmark
    0 - 1 Year 8.29% 8.00%
    1 - 3 Years 19.60% 19.79%
    3 - 5 Years 19.45% 19.36%
    5 - 7 Years 17.09% 17.17%
    7 - 10 Years 21.43% 21.99%
    10 - 20 Years 11.89% 11.67%
    > 20 Years 2.25% 2.02%

    Allocations are as of the date indicated, are subject to change, and should not be relied upon as current thereafter. The holdings are taken from the accounting records of State Street Global Advisors which may differ from the official books and records of the custodian.

    Source: State Street Global Advisors

    Fund Footnote

    1 The Responsible Entity reserves the right to not pay any distribution.

    Bonds generally present less short-term risk and volatility than stocks, but contain interest rate risk (as interest rates raise, bond prices usually fall); issuer default risk; issuer credit risk; liquidity risk; and inflation risk. These effects are usually pronounced for longer-term securities. Any fixed income security sold or redeemed prior to maturity may be subject to a substantial gain or loss. Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss. This information should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any security.

    Bloomberg Finance L.P. and its affiliates (collectively, "Bloomberg") do not approve or endorse this material and disclaim all liability for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of all or any part of this material.