2019 Managed Accounts Trends

Navigating the Future Investments Landscape

Partnering with Investment Trends, we sought to better understand financial planners current and future uses of managed accounts. Through a series of short articles we will provide you with valuable insights to help you take your practice forward, while providing you with insights on how your peers are using these solutions.

What's driving the increased adoption of managed accounts? What are the potential benefits behind the big uptick? And how are they being implemented in practices? Participants from the Investment Trends 2019 Managed Accounts study shared their views.

By the Numbers: A snapshot of current managed account users*

The Rise of Managed Accounts


Of planners who say they have used managed accounts and intend to continue to do so

Compliance Benefits Motivate SMA Adoption


Implement managed accounts via a Separately Managed Account (SMA)

Most Practices and Clients Benefit


Of planners cite ‘transparency’ as a key client benefit of using managed accounts

Insights and Research

Resources to guide your decision making

A Rise in the Adoption of Managed Accounts

The adoption of managed accounts continues apace. The number of financial planners who recommend these investment solutions has almost doubled in the last five years, with new client inflows into managed accounts tripling on average. Learn why managed accounts are here to stay, and the key considerations required to ensure managed accounts are successfully implemented in your practice.

Evolution of Managed Accounts

Evolution of the Managed Accounts Sector Brings New Benefits for Planners and Clients

There is little doubt managed accounts offer a variety of benefits to financial planning practices; from reducing a firm’s compliance burden to access to institutional-quality investment managers at a competitive cost. Beyond these ‘headline’ advantages, our article identifies the lesser-known benefits of managed accounts, including:

  • Increased client investment returns 
  • Enhanced client engagement 
  • Enhanced portfolio transparency

Navigating the Managed Accounts Ecosystem

How to Navigate the Complex Managed Accounts Ecosystem

No managed account structure is the same. Your guide to navigating the 'acronym soup' of managed accounts structures, including separately managed accounts (SMAs), and managed discretionary accounts (MDAs). Our article will provide you with an understanding of the different structures to determine which may be best suited to your practice.

*State Street Global Advisors SPDR ETFs / Investment Trends 2019 Managed Accounts Report, February 2019. Commissioned by Investment Trends, the survey was carried out between 3 December 2018 and 1 February 2019. The sample of 760 respondents includes RG146 competent accountants and dealer group managers who personally provide advice.