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Managed Accounts: 2021 Trends, Usage and What’s Next

Partnering with Investment Trends, we sought to better understand  managed account trends amongst financial planners. We explore the impact of COVID-19 and the key considerations to demonstrate client best interest when recommending managed accounts.

Creating the World’s First ETFs was just the Beginning.

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Avoiding crowded thinking is more important than ever in today’s complex and dynamic market. With
Uncommon Sense, we provide contrarian perspectives on US and global markets that encourage investors to think beyond consensus opinion to identify and capitalise on new opportunities.

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It’s Time to Put ESG Investing into Action

With the collective call for change growing, investors are increasingly taking a stand through their investment choices.

Fixed income ETFs offer diversification across numerous bond issues with one trade.

Across a range of smart beta strategies, our ETFs allow investors to target factor premia that can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

In today’s environment, transparent and open architecture ETF model portfolios can support more client-focussed investment outcomes. 

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From launching the first US-listed ETF in 1993 to bringing the benefits of ETF investing to Australia, we've always had a global footprint. Today, we support our clients across 63 countries through our 9 investment centers. Contact us to meet with an ETF specialist in your region.

* ETFs managed by State Street Global Advisors have the oldest inception dates within the US, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. State Street Global Advisors launched the first ETF in the US on January 22, 1993; launched the first ETF in Hong Kong on November 11, 1999; launched the first ETF in Australia on August 24, 2001; and launched the first ETF in Singapore on April 11, 2002.