Strategies & Capabilities

Fixed Income

Our conservative management approach aims to preserve and protect your investment, and is reinforced by State Street Global Advisors’ dedicated credit research team, one of the largest and most experienced in the industry.

As one of the world’s dominant players in the global bond, cash and repurchase agreement markets, we have unique insights into market liquidity and positioning across fixed income asset classes. As markets restructure, and liquidity is increasingly challenged:

  • Our portfolio managers have deep visibility into liquidity trends, helping them to build more robust portfolios
  • We use the strength and scale of our relationships with trading counterparties to continuously help improve access to liquidity

Our Investment Philospohy

Our experienced portfolio team is backed by dedicated global credit research, risk and trading expertise, with knowledge across an array of shortduration fixed income securities. We believe there are two fundamental objectives that guide portfolio management:

  1. Preservation of principle - we create portfolios that have high credit quality and short durations
  2. Liquidity - we structure short-duration portfolios designed to accommodate cash flows

While many market factors contribute to yield outcomes, our experienced credit research team is large enough to analyse a broad range of tools around the world to add value to our investment process without increasing risk.

Our Approach

The Australia-based portfolio managers are ultimately responsible for the investment strategy. The portfolio managers also evaluate liquidity in local markets and integrate this information into our trading process to minimise market impact and evaluate the size of the investment relative to the current liquidity.

Significant credit analysis is undertaken on each issuer and security within our fixed income strategy to determine whether they meet the investment.

Meet The Fund Manager

Simon Mullumby
Senior Portolfio Manager, Cash & Fixed Income 

Attilio (AJ) Qualtieri
Senior Analyst, Global Credit Researcher Team