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Notice of Unitholders’ Rights Under s.110K of the Corporations Act

30 June 2023

State Street Global Advisors, Australia Services Limited as a responsible entity of registered managed investment schemes is required to send certain documents to unitholders. These are: 

  • Documents that relate to unitholder meetings (including a meeting of a class of unitholders); 
  • Annual financial reports; 
  • A notice of unitholders’ rights under s.110K of the Corporations Act (such as this notice), unless the notice is readily available on a website; and 
  • Other documents that may be prescribed by applicable regulations from time to time. 

We intend to send such documents for each registered managed investment scheme operated by us electronically to the email address unitholders have provided us, unless the unitholder has specifically elected or requested otherwise. We encourage all unitholders to provide us with an email address if they have not already, so that we may quickly and efficiently communicate with unitholders electronically when documents become available. 

We wish to advise unitholders that they have the right to:

  • Elect to receive all or some of their communications in physical or electronic form by notifying us of their preference;
  • Elect not to receive the annual report for the registered managed investment scheme they have invested in; and 
  • Request to receive a particular document in physical or electronic form.

To Make an Election About Communication Preference

Log into the Link Market Services Investor Centre, using your account details, and amend your communication preferences online.