How to Invest

Investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) is easy. Investors may buy and sell units of SPDR ETFs as they do ordinary shares – by contacting an investment professional such as a Stockbroker or Financial Adviser, or by trading through an Online Broker.

Investing Through the ASX

Investing Directly Through the Stock Market

Buying and selling SPDR ETFs works in the same way as shares, as they:

  • can be bought and sold anytime during ASX trading hours
  • are allocated an ASX code, or Ticker
  • have no minimum investment, but there might be a small amount which is defined by your broker
  • can be traded using the same order types/strategies (e.g. stop, market and limit orders)
  • are priced intraday, meaning you can view the price movements just as you would with shares

Investors will need to pay brokers' commissions, trading fee and other levies associated with ETF trading. These amounts will vary and are paid directly by the investor to the  broker or other service providers. 

Already an Investor?

Unitholders of Australian SPDR ETFs have instant access to their investments through Link Market Services Limited, who act as the unit registry for all Australian SPDR ETFs. Link can also help you with administrative enquiries regarding your holding, such as updating your personal details and communication preferences, access your tax and distribution statements, and amend your level of participation in the distribution reinvestment plan (DRP) (if available).



Top Tips for Trading ETFs

The unique structure of ETFs means they can offer you the benefits of transparency, lower costs, and increased intra-day trading capabilities. We believe that in order to make use of these products as effectively as possible, there are a number of considerations that you should bear in mind when employing ETFs.

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